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Astory is a contemporary womenswear brand. We are motivated into creating timeless fashion that lasts beyond seasons in both style and functionality. Each product is currently designed and created to a high standard  in our studio in Kent. made to a high standard using high quality fabrics.

Astory designer, Charlotte Ham grew up in Somerset, England. She studied and graduated from Falmouth University 2013 with a BA Hons in Fashion Design and further graduated from Kingston University with a MA Fashion Degree in 2014. Charlotte is deeply inspired by architecture, whether this is simply through the aesthetics of modern or historic buildings or more deeper within the concepts and construction of the structure and this can be seen in the essence of the brand.

We also do custom orders, so please get in touch if you have anything in mind!


​We thank you for taking a look at Astory and as a start up brand we will appreciate every support we get from our customers and admirers.

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